Since it has been an INCREDIBLE bear of a day, I’m forced to recycle. I really enjoyed writing this post, but no one really got to read it. I hope you all like it! As an aside, I have been honored with blogger awards from two wonderful followers/fellow bloggers. I will be writing that post tomorrow when I actually have time to do them justice!! Blessed be and enjoy!

The same principle can, does, and should apply to sex partners. So, first a word on STD’s and unplanned pregnancy. When used correctly, which is to say ALL THE TIME- every time- condoms are almost 100% effective in preventing both pregnancy and the transmission of STD’s. This is especially important with high risk individuals, including, but not limited to, homosexual men, IV drug users, people requiring blood transfusions. Other at risk persons are heterosexual people whom do not use condoms or dental dams, or anyone who is immuno-compromised(usually due to disease). But to be perfectly clear-ANYONE can be at risk if they engage in at risk behaviors. However, add some birth control pills, a diaphragm and you have a bullet proof vest for your private parts.

Now, onto the fun stuff. As I mentioned before, I really like this term slut-shaming. Not because I think the word slut should EVER be used, but because it gives a name to what men have been doing for decades.Why shouldn’t a woman be able to go out and find a partner Β for the night, the week, or the year if she so desires? And, if she desires, who has the right to tell anyone else what to do with their private parts? They are yours and you can do whatever you wish with them, although I would advise a bit of discretion of course.

When I worked at the club, I got lots of offers but never took any. When I met my husband, I was dancing, but he never came to the club when I was working and never saw me dance (except in our bedroom). Why? I didn’t want him, or anyone else I had a relationship with, to see me as a piece of a meat. Make no mistake, there are plenty of men who go to the strip clubs and feel this way. Also, beware of falling into the “easy” trap. Just like slut-shaming, it is a nasty word and quite frankly, not your business.

Even so, there are lots of ways to meet people and like a nice wine or scotch, enjoyed responsibly, the only person who has the right to tell you where, when, or with whom to have sex is yourself! Do not ever forget that!

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