The hubbs is a manly man, a guys’ guy. He loves steak, its his fifth food group. He has body hair. He wouldn’t be caught dead using a face cream. He kills the cockroaches (luckily, here they are few and far between), because I don’t do creepy crawlies. If it has more legs than a housecat, I’m over it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total feminist. That’s the best part, he’s there when I need a little strength, but he’s supportive in whatever I want to do as a modern man should! In the morning, I usually wake up before him. I just love to sit there and look at him for a minute, knowing that he is unwatched. I see the lines on his face deepening which I find extremely sexy. I know those lines because I have watched them grow over the years.

There’s so much to be said about the difference between a disposable relationship and a forever relationship. It is a change, almost imperceptible if you aren’t actively searching for it. It does not happen over huge sweeping transitions. It happens with a whisper, each and every day. You see it in increments, in the moments between the moments. And its lovely. There are so many times when I will have a thought and seconds later the hubbs will voice that same thought. It could be about something small, like noticing something in a television show. It could be something big, like a life-changing decision.

Even more so, you have that one person in the world that knows you, really *knows* you. They know your likes and dislikes. They know your hopes and your dreams. They know all of you and they still like you. They love you and they love you FOR you. There’s really not much better in the world than to have that person in your life.

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