As women, whether you’re a feminist or not, I think we look a lot of times to the men in our lives to make us feel good. Who doesn’t like to hear compliments? Not to mention that when I know the hubbs finds me sexy it is going to make me feel sexier. It’s really the guiding principle behind oral sex. Let’s be honest, no one gives their partner oral sex just because. We do it because of their reaction. We do it because it brings them so much pleasure and we love them so we want them to have that.

How often do you go up to your man and grab HIS ass? What about letting him know how sexy you really find him? I think a lot of times we forget how much your SO would love to hear from you. The hubbs is a pretty sexy fella and I tell him all the time how sexy he is. Sometimes, if we’re laying next to each other talking, I will just stroke his face and I can feel his smile. I love to watch him walk around in his jeans, that hang just right, and show him my admiration for his body. When he comes home from a long day and he can’t wait to share a funny story that happened at work, I know that he wants to share it with me because he feels listened to and appreciated. That is something that will always make me feel good. I want to be the one to whom he tells stories.

Think of the things that you appreciate he does for you. Think of what he does that makes you feel sexy or admired or happy. Chances are your SO will love if you do those things for him as well. Grab his ass, bring him a chocolate bar just because, or make his favorite dinner. Don’t worry. Doing things for your SO won’t turn you into a 60s housewife, so greet him with some slippers and a martini. Maybe bring a robe, so you can get him out of those confining clothes!


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