I just love the new show Madam Secretary. I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with Tea Leoni. Now, I have a love affair with her on-screen marriage. They have such an amazing and supportive relationship. You can tell how much her TV man loves her and, even more, respects her character. Real life isn’t much different.

The hubbs and I have had our problems, like anyone who has been married for a while does. The difference is we spend our time working them out. Sweeping problems under the rug will not only leave a heck of a dust bunny, but it won’t work. I get angry and yell too often. He’s so non-confrontational that he takes it to the extreme. They are both habits we fight to not perpetuate. Together, we make a pretty good team. And that, after all, is what marriage is. Two people, coming together, to make one outstanding team. Most of all, we respect each other.

The hubbs knows that I am spending all this time working on my degrees and writing because I am trying to become the best person I can be. More than that, I’m trying to become the best psychologist I can be. I believe I can make a difference, even if it is just in one person’s life, and he believes in me. I know that he will never stop working hard for his family and he will make every effort to make his family happy. These two things working together provide an enormous amount of security for my future piece of mind. Being supportive and being supported make my life better. They make my marriage better and they make my family better. In the end, there isn’t much more to ask for than that.


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