The hubbs and I are fan of watching a little porn sometimes. We do enjoy it, but I think almost just as enjoyable is seeing the amateur porn and laughing a little at the angles and faces and such. You know you’ve found your weirdo when you enjoy making fun of porn together. Neither here nor there, the other night we watched a few little videos and you’ll notice that most start with oral sex right away, for the guys at least. A note on this division of labor is probably warranted, but I digress….

I say to the hubbs, that view is good for any guy pretty much anytime and anywhere huh? Which causes my usually laconic SO to reply, It’s pretty great! A far cry from when we first met and he told me he didn’t “like” blow jobs. The truth was he had never had an excellent blow job. Fellatio is an art. If you don’t believe me, look up the hundreds of articles and books with this one subject in mind. Now, I am totally equal opportunity in the bedroom. If you want to receive, you give. That works both ways. I enjoy getting oral sex as much as I enjoy giving oral sex and this is what makes my skills superior.

First, you have to realize that sex is dirty. You’re going to get messy. If you aren’t okay with this, we need to have another conversation. I think a lot of women put off giving blow jobs because they feel like it is work, but it isn’t. You can bring so much excitement to your partner with this act and little else shows commitment to a good sex life then being down for fun in bed. I’m not going to give a step by step guide because I think that kind of thing has been done to death, but don’t be afraid. It’s a penis, not a WMD. Explosion is the goal!

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