So, first my oldest goes and makes me a grandma (Bubbe, tyvm). Now, my middle child, my only daughter, is turning twenty! On my post to Facebook about how awesome she is, how much I love her, how special she is, she asks me…. Do you feel old yet grandma? Thanks smartass. I didn’t for about five seconds. *sigh*

Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was working in nightclubs, having a good ol time, dating around, sleeping around, and generally being young. Now, I’ve been with the hubbs for almost fifteen years. My kids are growing up and starting to have kids of their own, but I know I’m not THAT old…. right?

As I enter my *gasp* 40s, I realize age really is a state of mind. Much of my state of mind about age came from my mother. She has never really been held back by her age, starting work on her doctoral degree for English, when she was almost 40. I’m not too far behind with work on my own doctorate, my PsyD. Even though I know I’m quite a bit older to many students, there are plenty that are closer to my age. It doesn’t scare me or worry me. I know me and I know this is something I am determined to finish, one way or another.

After all, the scariest part about being an adult is put SO WELL in on my favorite memes…… I may be winging it, but so is everyone else. We’ll get there, eventually, the where we want to be…. all of us. So don’t be afraid to start something new or different, you’ve got the time!