Some days my thoughts need a little jump starting. Tonight, as I was racking my brain, my son suggested playing Would You Rather? and it has been a pretty good jumping point sometimes! We came upon this question:

Would you rather live in an ordinary location with an extraordinary home or an extraordinary location with an ordinary home? I said that I would rather live in an extraordinary location with an ordinary home, but I was in the minority. This surprises me. I would imagine if anyone had a choice between living in an amazing part of the world, say with beaches, and a lovely tropic climate (my happy place) or four nice, even if REALLY nice, walls then naturally the beach would win! Who cares what walls I live in because if I live somewhere spectacular, why would I want to be inside??

Which leads to something much bigger, I think. Americans are the top consumers in the world. Anyone that works in retail can tell you this is true. Spend a little time walking the aisles of any store that has decorative items. You will see some of the most ridiculous products for home decor; big balls of twine, fake books (to replace the real books we used to read I presume), huge colored glass bottles, and more. People get themselves into thousands of dollars in credit card debt for stuff. We rent storage units to hold our stuff when we have too much of it. We buy organization units to organize all our stuff at home so we can find it. We take our old stuff to Goodwill, so we can buy more stuff.

When is enough, enough? There comes a point when we have to decide when we have enough. I think part of being fulfilled in life comes when we can say we have enough to give someone else a little something. One of the best things my mother ever said to me was to pick on charity to give a larger amount of money to(mine is the American Cancer Society, in honor of my departed Daddy) regularly and to always give a little something to everyone else. Every time I walk past a collection box or something I can leave a small donation in, I always do. This one little act makes me feel good that I did something for someone else every single time. I feel like I have enough that giving out a few dollars a day is not too much to ask of myself.

Now, it’s time to you to ask yourself.


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