Poor Sigmund. Theories largely discounted, but wait…. I like to spend my time getting ready in the morning thinking about what I’m going to write about that day.

This morning, thinking about the hubbs, I remembered a conversation recently with someone about how his walks, his feet slightly turned out, and it reminded me of my first boyfriend. He used to walk like that and I always found it kind of adorable. Then, I thought of his interesting smile and I thought of my second boyfriend, who had a similar tilt to his smile. The hubbs has a great sense of humour, reminding me of another ex-guy, and I realized my subconscious has directed me to the best parts of each man that played an important part in my life. And it left me with the hubbs, the best parts of everyone rolled into one.

So, Freud was penis-obsessed… show me a man that isn’t. Maybe it isn’t the man who should become less sexually oriented. Maybe we, the women, should become more sexually oriented. Why do we automatically assume being less sexual is the better route?

I read an article the other day called 10 things every husband wishes his wife knew about sex. But I think it’s important that we let our husbands know that we want sex too. I would prefer to have sex most nights. It helps me sleep better. Having orgasms relieve pain and I would be hard pressed to think of a better way to end my day.

And hey, a little penis-obsession isn’t an awful thing.

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