They grow up so fast. Kids. I know they’re growing up fast because my beautiful, smart, amazing little girl is turning 20 in a few days. That can’t be right though, because I’m definitely not that old, right?

My youngest constantly amazes me, sometimes not in a great way. Maybe a funny way, but a definitely, maybe this is before his time kind of way. I write, most often, about sex and relationships. My kid is no dummy and, as I was searching for a picture for an oral sex blog I had written, he peeked over my shoulder. Upon seeing the woman sticking her tongue out and licking a banana picture, he exclaimed, that’s supposed to be like a penis right?!?! Β What are you gonna do? You gotta laugh.

Today we were playing Would You Rather online and we came to a question that said Would You Rather wake up next to Burger King naked with him saying You had it your way-OR- Would you rather wake up next to Ronald McDonald saying You were lovin it! ?? He took an extra close look then looked at me and said ohhhhhhh I get it. Like they were having sex and when it was over they said that? Yup, you got it kid. Oy is this one gonna give me hell.

I wonder, is he growing up too fast? Oh well. He’s living and learning and he’s a smart cookie. It could be worse. Although, I’ve always been a Wendy’s girl….

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