Being that it is Channukah and there seems to be record doses of holiday crazy going around, I thought it might be as good a time as any to talk about the reason for the season. Any good Jew know that FAMILY is the reason for the season. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would not agree with me-my opinion is never extremely popular, especially in the South. Stick with me though. Christmas is a holiday celebrated at, even religious scholars agree, the wrong time of year for what is being celebrated. Furthermore, the Christmas tree, yule log, even large parts of dear St. Nick, are Pagan traditions. They were taken by the Christians to give them a different meaning, non-secular. Let me be clear that I have no problem with this. Personally, I believe if something makes you happy, then believe it.

There are so many times a year when you miss each other. Often, as I do, so much of your family has moved away and you don’t live close together. This is one time of the year when you spend almost an entire month thinking of pretty much everyone else instead of yourself. (If you aren’t, you’re doing it wrong!) If this isn’t a great reason to celebrate a holiday that spreads good cheer, I don’t know what could be better! Getting caught up in the meaning behind everything, or real or imagined slights is ridiculous and it will do no one any good. So, call your mother/daughter/sister/brother/son/father/aunt/grandmother (you get the idea) or skype or spend an hour finding the perfect gift. Just enjoy it.