I am going to go wayyyyyyyyyy off my normal topic and I hope you enjoy it because I’m kind of excited! At work today, a well meaning co-worker asked me about my religion. I will tell people about my religion if they ask and I explain what I believe. I am Pagan. If you don’t know what that is, it is an earth based religion. We believe that whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us. We believe words have power. We believe in multiple gods and goddess from various pantheons across the world and a Lord and Lady. We believe if there are men and women, why would there not be both as the head of our religion. We believe everyone is equal. We believe if you have good intentions, you will usually have a good outcome. Personally, I don’t see how any religion that believes this can be wrong.

Naturally, since I live in the United States, where religious views are more set, I often get a confused reaction to my explanation. Since I live in the South, where I grew up Jewish, I am pretty used to this anyhow. Sure, Judaism is easier to understand. It is more “in line” with their beliefs. While living in Chicago, I enjoyed an extended period of religious tolerance that was quite nice. In any case, back to today, she asked me, well how can you believe that there is a Lady? There is proof Jesus lived! I said sure, in a book, passed down thousands of years ago, written by a man. Nowadays, if someone claims god is talking to them, we put them in a mental institution. She didn’t love my answer.

Oh well. I encouraged my children to ask questions and to see what made the most sense to them. Just like my mother did (although she may question that decision now that she raised a Pagan and a Rastafarian). So I wonder, what myth do you believe?


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[pic] My Lord and My Lady in a loving embrace