The art of the striptease, and it is an art, is not difficult. You will be your own worst enemy. Many people think that an exotic dancer has more self-esteem than your average woman, but I have found this to not be true. All night you see a woman with better this or better that and instead of shoring up good feelings about your figure, you end up thinking how much better everyone else looks. Take a minute and tell yourself that your SO is with YOU. They are with you because they like you, your personality, your body, your self more than anyone else they have found.

Take your time and set the stage. Put out some candles or low lighting. Good lighting can hide a multitude of sins. When you are getting dressed in what you want to wear, remember to not wear something too difficult to remove. A bunch of buttons or snaps might look cute, but it won’t be so sexy removing 20 of them to get your top off. Something with a few pieces is great (like lingerie, stockings, and a garter belt) because it will take you time to remove and it will be easy to take off sexily. Pick your music. Any dancer will tell you how important your music is to a routine. If you enjoy the music and it transports you (something music can do like nothing else) then it will be reflected in your dancing. There are poles you can purchase and put up and I would NOT recommend them. Sit your SO on the bed or pull out a nice chair.

Once you begin dancing, you can remove clothing from in front of your SO (Significant Other). Once you are down to underwear or stockings, sit on their lap, facing either toward or away from your partner. Undulate on their lap or prop yourself up to put your naughty bits eye level. Part of the fun of a lapdance is getting to see those naughty bits up close, without touching them. Tease and excite your partner. Revel in the control you have in this situation. Most of all, relax and smile, look into their eyes, and enjoy watching your SO’s eyes glaze over!


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