As I wrote about strip-tease, it all felt so familiar. After I posted (natch!), I realized why….. see: I’m too sexy…I had just written a similar post about two weeks ago. Apparently, even I can run out of things to talk about in regards to sex. Who knew! So I began to think, why did I start this jazz? What made me decide I could (was worthy) of giving advice (although much of the time, I feel I’m just relaying my own experience)? My answer: I love psychology. I love the human mind. I love those glimpses into someone’s soul. If Mark Cuban can diversify, so shall I. I am not one dimensional, so neither should my writing be.

I’ve been tossing around other ideas for the name of this blog. Since I adore Abraham Maslow and pretty much everything he stands for, these are my thoughts. I have discussed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before. Maslow is a pioneer of humanistic psychology.Β A friend of mine, Pole, who has spent time talking to me in a more professional manner, said to me that he had been to many therapists. Talking to me was the first time he felt someone cared about him and wanted to give direction on where to go and not just to rehash where he had been. Obviously, Maslow makes a lot of sense to me.

Because of my love of Maslow, I hereby dub the no longer Everything…. about sex. Rise, Mistress and be henceforth known as (I think I didn’t get enough sleep last night)

Self Actualized Events!

I hope you enjoy the journey.