Sexting. Everyone is doing it, it seems! One of the smartest things I ever heard someone say about marriage was this: Men are like microwaves. You pop some food in and its ready in minutes. Women are like crock pots. If you turn them on in the morning, they will be ready at night when you arrive home. I bet this guy had a happy wife!

So what do you do if you want to try this with your SO, but would prefer to not be splashed all over the internet? Remember a few tips. Pictures should be non-descript. Part of the fun of sexting is to leave some things to the imagination. Be sure you and the receiver are both over 18. People have been and will continue to be prosecuted for distributing child pornography. Words all perfectly fine. The hubbs or I will reference a previous, particularly enjoyable evening. If you are going to send pictures, double check. Make sure you are sending them to who they are intended for so you don’t have to make a Cosmo confession!

[pic] Remember angles! Some angles aren’t going to do anyone any favors!

If you get into the habit of dropping little sweet nothings all day, when nighttime comes everyone will be more receptive to whatever is on your mind.



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