You don’t need Aerosmith to tell you sex in an elevator is kinda hot. But just in case, look to just about any hot scene in a movie (50 Shades of Grey), or anytime you almost got “caught” and it will remind you how hot this is. It’s one of the top 10 sexual fantasies of men and women. Why? When we add an element of danger, getting caught, or being seen, to an act that is already quite good (and if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong!) it is only going to be better. Your adrenaline raises and your heart starts pumping blood excitedly.

What is one to do if you want to try this out, but perhaps would rather not end your night in jail, live on the line. Don’t start off with a broad daylight situation. A secluded beach area at night is a great place to start. Bring a towel or sand will get into ungodly places! If you don’t have a beach, try a public park (that is OPEN) at night, and find a nice dark spot. If you really want to feel like a teenager, find a deserted street and fool around in the backseat. Even a building rooftop under the night sky could be pretty amazing. Use your imagination.

One day you might graduate onto bigger and badder naughty spots, but for now grasshopper, go forth and enjoy!