Is it worth it? Lemme work it! I remember years ago a friend asked me to teach her how to do a strip-tease. Bless her little heart, she desperately ย wanted to be sexy, but she didn’t believe she was sexy. Sexy isn’t something you have or don’t have. It’s a state of mind. It starts in the shower. You soap yourself up, shave your various bits, get out and put on some nice smelly stuff. Then you pick out your underclothes. Nice lingerie is essential because if you feel sexy under your clothes, it will show over your clothes. Add make-up if you wish and a little splash of something sparkly is always nice. When you get around to getting dressed, you already feel so sexy, who cares if you are wearing sweatpants! You’ve been thinking and feeling sexy the whole time you’ve been getting ready and now you are ready to kill it!!

Once you’re headed out, remember your little secret. Remember your sexy time in the shower, remember your cute silky lacy little under-things, remember that you feel sexy. Walk around and give yourself a little wiggle. Wear heels, wear flats, wear low cut tops–whatever you need to ooze your sexiness. Smile (’cause that’s sexy too!) and just revel in your general badassery. When you feel sexy, other will see it, and they will respond to it. Always remember, sexiness is a state of mind.

Oh yeah, it’s totally worth it!