And I need you to need me. We may not want to admit it but this is a big part of relationships, especially happy relationships. I went to the store the other day and ran into my ex-husband’s best friend. It was across the street and we’d walked over, so he asked if we wanted a ride home. Sure! When we got to our place, he offered to help me carry the bags up, and since we were talking I said sure. As we were walking up the stairs, he said, he’s not gonna [kick my butt] is he? To which I laugh and answer, “no, he trusts me.” What a novel idea he says. I suppose it can be especially if you believe what everyone tells you and that is that a relationship is disposable.

We are raised to believe that we grow up, find a mate, get married, have children. Then we have an alternate belief that if that relationship doesn’t work out, no harm, no foul. We can split up. Kids these days, they ALL have broken homes. They’re used to it. What a bloody sad thing to get used to! Some people just do not do well alone and rush into marriage (I know a few of these). Some people just want another mom or dad for their kids. Some want money, or power. We enter into relationships for all reasons in different periods of our life, because we do not look at them as a forever relationship. Not anymore. How sad. A relationship isn’t wrapping paper. It is the gift inside. No it doesn’t just happen. It is work, hard work. It is communication. Yes, those of us in it for the long haul have had problems, even seemingly insurmountable problems. But, we knew that splitting up was not an option. We didn’t enter into a disposable relationship so we were going to make sure it doesn’t get flushed down the drain.

You want to have a great sex life? Imagine how comfortable you can feel with someone who you are in a partnership with! Comfortable to explore things you may not be so ready to ask for from a stranger or even from a new relationship. When I started this thing I said I wanted to promote mutually satisfying relationships with a partner. So, that is what I hope I am doing!


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