I’m doing a little recycling because I didn’t have too many readers when I started this thing and I think some things bear repeating! Enjoy….

I’m a pretty laid back person, generally. A fact the hubbs may, or may not agree with, but the bottom line is with a couple of things, I’m a pretty chill chickadee. However, I have my two things I can’t live without. Actually, I would say two things I prefer NOT to live without, and without them I can get pretty bitchy pretty fast. So, to keep me from bitching out I need (1) regular sex and (2) cannabis. I mean we can either take a pill for stress and relaxation and a pill for pain and a pill for runny noses and a pill for nerves and a pill for.. you get the idea, or we can smoke a little cannabis or eat a brownie and get all of that in one. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

The other day, the hubbs did something that got him in a bit of hot water and he came to me and started fooling around. I said uh huh, you’re in the doghouse! You owe me an apology. To which he replied, this is an apology. I can’t say the man doesn’t have sense! The fact is that having sex reduces stress, helps with insomnia, increases happiness, not to mention, loving feelings toward your partner. I’m not talking about being IN love, I am talking about replacing those feelings of irritation with feelings more conducive to enjoying the time you are spending with your lover. My favorite psychological theorist is Abraham Maslow. Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs. In this chart he ranks the things we NEED to survive, which include food, shelter, and (you guessed it!) sex. However, intimacy is further up the chart, perhaps as a want, but not as a need. In other words, we crave, want, need, and desire sex from other people AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH THAT. So smoke some trees and get down with your other/better half!!

Happy humping!!

Anna Levenson, BPS, MS

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