Lights. Camera. Terror.

A lot of people get positively worked up at the thought of leaving on the lights, with no good reason. The person you are with is with you because they like your body. Everyone has bits and pieces they don’t care for, but that  doesn’t mean we should hide them.

Conversation with my mother:

Mom: Kate Moss said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels and she’s right (after telling me she had lost some weight).

Me: I don’t know if that is really true.  I used to get down on my own, post- three children, body until one day the hubbs pointed out that it was the body he chose to be with and one that he loved. (Point for the hubbs)

Mom: I think that’s just an excuse to be fat.

It’s so sad that we cannot let go of the Twiggy standard from the 60s. Hundreds of years ago women were unapologetically plump and that was okay. Today, we put on a few pounds and we cannot stand to see ourselves under the light! Since both the hubbs and I were off today we got to wake up slowly (important since neither of us are morning people!) and no one else was awake, we go to start our day off right! As we started making out, I got up and locked the door (don’t want to scar any little ones!) and I started to turn the light off, but stopped myself. It is a heady feeling when you can see how much your man enjoys watching. Really! So, turn the light on, put it on a dimmer, or light some candles (always good for light without the brightness of a lamp!) and

Happy Humping,