It is important we always remember our goal, which is that sex should be a fun enjoyable activity  that feels pretty darn good!  Once we can learn to relax and enjoy ourselves, orgasms will  follow.  30% of women say they cannot orgasm during sex, some studies have even given numbers as high as 75%!! Meanwhile, up to 80% of women have faked orgasms as well. Why? The reasons vary widely and many given included that they thought faking an orgasm may lead to actually having an orgasm or feeling like “it’s not going to happen” so they chose to fake it so their partner would orgasm and end the sexual experience that night, or even just because they thought that is what their partner wanted.  The saddest part of this is most men would be crushed to know they weren’t actually the stud they believed themselves to be.

I know the hubbs would rather me be honest and say I’m not feeling it, rather than faking it.  Luckily, this isn’t usually an issue for me.  The fact he is very good at what he does certainly doesn’t hurt.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where sex was an open and honest subject.  Because of that,  I was able to explore my sexuality, guilt free.  Not everyone is so lucky.

So, I challenge you to reclaim that power.  No one is allowed to make you feel ashamed or guilty about enjoying sex.  No one can take your power from you, but if you don’t claim it, you may as well give it away.  I am going to give you the license to enjoy yourself and your partner to the fullest extent.  You are going to take that license and run with it.


As Always,

Happy Humping!!