I do a surprising amount of writing in the shower. I sometimes wonder why this might be, but then I realized its pretty sexy being in the shower, water running down your body, and maybe that’s why. I also realize as I was getting ready to go run a few errands today without my work uniform on (something that, at 40, is profoundly depressing) and I put on a frilly top and some cute shoes I got a few weeks ago and I realized why it is so important to be cognizant of how we feel in our bodies. A friend of mine, I’ve mentioned him before and I’m sure he will know who he is, is a sweet, wonderful big bear of a guy. He recently had surgery on his leg and got a bright pink cast. This is so typically him. Along with a picture of his beautiful pink cast I posted this, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty….” He got a kick out of it but, neither here nor there………..

I have found over the years that I do have something that appeals to many men and, while it can often provide me a nice little ego boost (and lets face it, who doesn’t love ego boosts) it is not quite the same as hearing it from my husband, my partner, the person who i have decided above all others is special to me. I know this may seem to some a dim view and I’m sure feminists out there will have a bit of a cow! But, I don’t think it is an awful thing to what to know the person laying next to you is laying there because THEY desire it more than anything and not just because its easy. While it is important that we be made to feel pretty by our others, I think it is also as important to keep making ourselves feel pretty! We have to remember that if we can’t continue to make ourselves look good for ourselves, why should anyone else bother to see it either? There comes a time when we have to stay pretty for US. Sure, it feels great when a guy says something (as long as it isn’t trashy or crass, that is NEVER okay guy), but we have to be able to make ourselves feel good. Whatever that way is, don’t stop doing it! Get your nails done, let your hair down, wear makeup (or don’t), and do what you need to do to make you feel good!

Now, stop, and think. What is that thing that makes you feel pretty?? I love painted toenails (I think most girls do) and while weekly pedicures may not be fiscally feasible, a monthly one might be OR even do your own at home. It’s not wonderful, but it is better than giving up! So don’t give up and take back your sexual power. It belongs to you only.

Blessed be,