A friend of mine recently made the comment to me that he just loved when his woman laid back and let herself be open to him. I told him interestingly enough I had written a post like this and my friend, Rob, who I know is gonna get a huge kick of out of this, said I had to post it!! So here it is Rob and its dedicated to you! 🙂

Why do we get so nervous and self conscious that we can hardly be naked with our own lover? The hubbs has a teeny tiny tummy that I just adore. I, on the other hand, have the remnants of a body that has carried three children and it didn’t do that so well. Even so, he told me a few years ago what a turn off it is to hear me complain about the body of his wife, a body he loved because it was mine. Sometimes, that man really knows what to say (and how to say it!).

Sometimes, I still look in the mirror and don’t like what I see, but it helps to remind myself he DOES! When being intimate with someone, especially if you remember that you want to enjoy yourself, you have got to relax. Relax and revel in the delights your bodies can offer each other. If you are concerned about your stretch marks (though they marginally existent) or your fat thighs (which really are not), then you cannot truly enjoy yourself. But, if you can allow yourself to be in the moment and feel your partner, the result will be a much higher level of enjoyment.

As I mentioned in “Oral Presentation,” men who truly want to please a woman (which is most of them!), will be turned on simply by your desire to enjoy yourself in bed. When you share your enthusiasm with your partner you will find him/her, thrilled, to follow you on that ride.

So Rob this one’s for you bud. And regardless of what you see in the mirror, he sees the woman he loves, the woman he finds sexy, the women HE wants to spend time with, and isn’t that all that REALLY matters??

Happy Humping! 🙂