My editor (from an online magazine I write for) sent me this link and I thought it was great. First, a word on those old standby positions. There is a reason they are old standbys, they work, they’re fun, and quite frankly they don’t really get old. I mean granted if you are one of those one position all the time folks, well sure that can get old pretty fast. However, there is no need to dip into the Kama Sutra to enjoy yourself in bed. If you want a nice little giggle though…. follow this link…..

Ye ole Standby: Missionary. I find it pretty amusing that this position is the same name as people whom go to other countries and tell the good folks in the world who do not realize there is a god that there is indeed a god. In any case, perhaps they named them this because so many Oh Gods come from this position. There is a good reason missionary is an old standby. It gets the job done and feels pretty good along the way. But, sex is fun and switching it up is too so…….

Ride me cowboy: Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl. Well if any gal ever had visions of riding a bucking bull, here’s your shot! Facing either toward or away from your partners affords them an excellent view of all your naughty bits with the added bonus of being able to reach your clit. Since many women cannot have an orgasm without rowing the little man in the boat, this allows your partner (or even yourself) to have a bit of clitoral fun. Have your partner put his hands under your thighs, go up on your feet, and this will allow you to go up and down his entire shaft. Fun for everyone!

Animalistic: Doggie-Style. Doggie style gets a bad rap I think. Some women may feel (for absurd reasons) that this means their man is actually gay. But, the bonus that women especially can get from doggie style is that there is no need to feel self conscious. You can’t see your man (or woman) and he (or she) cannot see you so you can make whatever face you want, let yourself go, and enjoy the feelings to the fullest. How can that POSSIBLY be bad??

Combo Platter: A nice little combo that the hubbs and I enjoy quite a bit is accomplished like this: Lay on your back and put your legs on one shoulder. Which direction doesn’t really matter, although if you are lucky enough to have a man with a curve to his penis then definitely turn that direction. It will hit directly on your g-spot this way and you will be VERY happy. It really is the best of all worlds. He gets the view of both back and front, you get to see your partner and enjoy the hell out of it!

So mix it up a bit! Sex doesn’t have to be one way all the time. Add a toy, some scarves as fun tie ups, and as always,

Happy humping!!