So I got a reply back from a self-publishing assistant/agent. This was his reply, more or less……

Mrs. B, Perhaps you would be better off with a youngish female agent. Maybe one who is comfortable talking about vaginas and blue balls.

Mr. Blah

After my laughter subsided, I realized this reply just making me MORE determined to make a success out of this endeavor. Blog, book, or nothing may come from it, but in the year 2015 I am being told that I need a young and female agent to even consider getting this subject matter off the ground. The Kama Sutra was written somewhere between 200 and 400 BCE. The Joy of Sex was written in 1972 (two years before I was even born!). Yet in this century, we still cannot talk freely about sex. I have spoken at times about slut-shaming. A horrible practice to be sure, but the fact that we even have to have such a word is a crying shame.So, I am going to continue talking about sex whenever and wherever I can!! Won’t you join me!?!?!

The hubbs and I have a great sex life, 99% of the time. We go through times where we are tired or not in the mood, but we always make sure one of us puts an end to this slump ASAP.There are tons of great arguments for not letting your sex life end up in a slump. One of the top reasons I personally believe it is so important is because it is pretty difficult to stay connected and caring for each other by letting those endorphins out. When we have sex, we release a hormone called oxytocin, often called the love hormone. Since women tend to live with their emotions closer to the surface than do men, it is also why we may become connected to our lover sooner than they do. It is also why sharing that intimacy with your significant other is so important.

Often when I come up with a subject, I ask friends for opinions. A friend of mine, Lipton, talked to me about his and his wife’s sex life. He told me that his wife was raised in a home that was very straight-laced. His upbringing was much freer, Even though he and his wife have children, or perhaps because of this fact, they rarely have sex. He assured me that he would never cheat on his wife and he loved her very much. He said he had two good hands so if they weren’t having sex, he could make due. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound particularly exciting of a sex life. I love my husband very much and I know he loves me very much. I also am confident that he would not cheat on me and I know I would never cheat on him. Both of us abhor cheating. But, would we argue more if we did not have sex? Oh yeah!! Would we enjoy our lives as much if we didn’t feel connected, like being intimate with someone does? I highly doubt it! As long as sex is viewed as a chore and something naughty that we don’t want to talk about, this attitude will persist. That’s not a relationship I want to be in. How about you?

Happy Humping!!

Anna Levenson