As the hit HBO show illustrated so well, there are four basic types of women.

The Samantha: Samantha is always up for sex. She enjoys sex or she doesn’t have it. Samantha is on the prowl most of the time, but she chooses whom she has sex with and she is never prey. Samantha is happy to talk about sex with her friends and partners about sex ad nauseaum.

The Carrie: Carrie enjoys sex and may have many partners of her own choosing. She knows what she likes in bed and has no problem discussing boyfriend problems with friends. She will talk to her partners also, but is more likely to go to girlfriends for advice first. While Carrie’s are more demure than the overt Samantha, she is no less in tune to her sexual self.

The Miranda: Miranda is a bit buttoned up with her friends, but in contrast with the Carrie’s, she can talk easily to her sexual partners. This open and honest communication leads to a more fulfilling sexual experience. Miranda is just as likely to go to girlfriends, especially before broaching a subject with her beau, but she has no problem talking to her partner if she needs to do so.

The Charlotte: Charlotte is very buttoned up. She may like sex, but finds this difficult to admit, to anyone. Even herself. She will have trouble talking to her partners, especially about something she feels might be out of the “norm” or a strange request. Now, there are plenty of women out there whom do not like sex or enjoy sex, but I maintain these are simply women who have never been given the power TO enjoy sex. Women raised in homes where sex was and is still taboo, women raised in strict religious homes, etc, never learn that, even if they only have sex with their husband, there is no reason they cannot ENJOY that sex with their husbands.

To me, this is an extremely sad thing to think about. Sex should be a way to express yourself with your partner is a loving, and enjoyable way. So, if you have never been given the green light, I’m going to give it to you. Enjoy yourself. It’s fun and it should be!