Good afternoon new friends!! In this day and age where we have Cosmo and Glamour telling young women how to have more enjoyable sex, how to get the big “O”. how to please your man. But many women forget, or are raised in homes where sex is still a taboo, naughty subject, that getting the big O, or having more pleasurable sex begins with being and feeling sexy from the inside out. There will always be someone with nicer breasts, a better/larger/smaller butt, less stretch marks. They key is to be happy with what you have. If you are trying to enjoy yourself in bed with your mate, but are too concerned if this is too big or that is too small, there is no way you are going to have the fun you should be having! I can’t wait to begin to hear from some of you guys. No question is too silly or too risque. In fact, I think we should do away with all pretense that sex is risque. Enjoyed by two responsible adults, in a safe environment, sex can be wonderful, enjoyable, touching, and even funny sometimes. Many years ago I danced at a strip club. I was going to school, raising two small children, and needed to work when I could. It was a prefect job. Since then I have completed my Masters of Science in Psychology, but I remain enthralled by the idea of women whom are not ready to embrace all the joys their body can offer. During my tenure as a dancer, I learned a great many things about men and women. One of the biggest things I learnt was everyone wants companionship. They want, even need, someone to listen to them and be there for them. Sex is not always about sex.

I am going to give you your first assignment. Do not dwell on the part of your body you wish to change. Instead, spend time looking in the mirror and tell yourself what you LOVE about yourself. It could be that little mole or birthmark that’s really cute, your eyes, your fingers or toes. My point is, it doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be what another male or female would necessarily find attractive. All it has to be is something that makes YOU feel better about yourself. Start to really caress your body as you soap up in the shower. Take back your sexuality and let your freak flag fly!! Start to love what you hated, and remind yourself no matter HOW you look, confidence is a seriously sexy attitude and will draw people to you long before your “looks.”

Until we talk again,

Anna Levenson, BPS,MS